Today is your day to

Have Good Ripple Effect!

Welcome! I am so glad you are here!
If you are reading this, I am SURE that you are a fun and forward thinking, game-change changer.
There's also a chance that you are looking to make a bigger ripple effect in your work, at home, or both!

I work with individuals, leaders, and teams to create better, and bigger waves.

My goal is for you to have:
Flavorful experiences
So. Much. Joy!
Dream / execute on the enormous ripple effect that you were put on this earth to create!

I'm Lisa

Founder of Even Connection. I am a self-described curator of experiences, joy connoisseur, and all-around wave maker.
My end-game is to help leaders and entrepreneurs Have Good Ripple Effect!

Leaders and entrepreneurs deserve...
To create deep connections.
To build incredible experiences, dynamics, and culture.
To be productive and effective.
To leave the work world and their teams better than they found it.

What you should know about me?
I’m on a mission to connect with 1,000,000 people! Why?
Because connection is where great experience, impact, and joy occur!

I’m energetically passionate about helping people execute and have good ripple effect.


Let's create energetic and impactful experiences!


Energetic & inspiring keynote speeches


Group-specific experiences
that create waves!
(1hr, 2hr, 1/2 day)


Let’s get you a shot of powerful inspiration and a plan to live life to the fullest!

A taste of our topics:
Have Good Ripple Effect
Contagious Connections
Michelin Star Team Culture
Productivity Through the Chaos

Curious about additional topics, let's talk!

Have Good Ripple Effect Everywhere!

Featured In

2020 Small Business Success Summit Breakout Session: I am back to doing it all and I am burnt out. How to reverse delegate, prioritize, and reorganize my team.

Small businesses are doing more with less. Duties that were once part of someone’s job are now back on the shoulders of the owner. Attendees learned how to reverse delegate and shift your perspective. Attendees gained valuable tips and tricks on how to creatively prioritize the work and redefine their team and their roles and responsibilities. Watch a replay by clicking here.

Featured Guest on Triumph Life's How to Leverage the Power of Community for Success. Led 8 Week Challenge: Productivity Through the Chaos.

Featured Guest on Learnin Live Business Networking. How to Strengthen your Business the Attitude of Graditude.

Can we work together?

The more we know about you and your business, the better we can help you reach your goals. We can work through organizational challenges, company culture, and build leadership skills within your group. Allow us to be on your team, together we will take people, process, and connection to create a development plan that meets your objectives.

Meet the Even Connection Team

Core Values...
Connection | Authenticity | Productivity | Creativity

Our Team Motto...
A group of people positively affecting their ecosystem.

Lisa Even
Founder, CEO
(515) 498-3836

Kirstie Schoenecker
Project Manager

Jori Nieman
Marketing Intern

External Partners

Kyle Calvert
Graphic Designer

Kelsey Petrich
Web Development