Today is the day to....

Have Good Ripple Effect!

Welcome! I am so glad you are here!
If you are reading this, I am SURE that you are
fun-loving, forward thinking, achiever.

There's also a chance that deep down you are looking to create a bigger ripple effect in your work, at home, or both!

If this is you, you deserve it all. Let's talk!

I'm Lisa


Founder of Even Connection. I am a self-described overly productive, joy connoisseur, and all-around wave maker.

My GOAL in life is to help people Have Good Ripple Effect!

You deserve...
To create deep connections
To get things done!
To enjoy work and play
To leave the world better than you found it

Because...although you already have achieved a lot, you deserve to make a big splash!

That's why I am so glad you are here!

Let's get you a shot of energy, fresh perspective, and tools to use on your way to greatness!

What you should know about me?

1) I love family, food, music, and travel!

2) Ask me about my Joy Calendar :)

3) I’m on a mission to connect with 1,000,000 people! Why? Because connection is where great experience, impact, and joy occur!

4) I’m energetically passionate about helping people Have Good Ripple Effect.

If this resonates, I invite you to stick around! Let's find ways to partner (speaking, coaching, workshops, and more!)

Let's Create Waves!

Waves are just ripples that gained energy!
You happen to the world, not the other way around. Let's Create waves...

Keynote Speaker

Lisa combines powerful stories and implementable strategies, with an energetic style. to give your audience a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Wave Workshops

Lisa believes that learning happens in action. Let's create a group-specific experience
that create waves!
(1hr, 2hr, 1/2 day)

Curious about additional topics, just ask!

Success Coach

Lisa is a Wave Maker!
She works 1x1 with entrepreneurs and leaders to help them get clarity on what they want, build a plan,
and achieve more than they thought possible!

What People Are Saying

I had so many takeaways from Lisa and I implemented one item at home and another at the team office the very next day!"
– CEO, Realty Company

Humorous, witty, high-energy, relatable, engaging.
– Project Manager

The session was personal, engaging, direct, and open. It's not "I am teaching you," but rather, "Who are you, and how can I help you?" The session felt very individual and relatable, even with a good size group.
– Innovation Program Leader

Lisa’s mind is always working making a good idea better. She’s an insightful collaborator with an eye for impact and ROI.
– Entrepreneur

Meet the Team!

Lisa Even
Founder, Speaker | Coach | Joy Connoisseur
(515) 498-3836

Kirstie Schoenecker
Project Manager

I am passionate about creating experiences for interns to develop their skills!
Interested in helping Create Good Ripple Effect at Even Connection? Reach out!

Jori Nieman
Marketing Intern

Emma Duff
Data Analyst Intern

Ellie Schill
Graphic Design

External people that I can't live without!

Kyle Calvert
Graphic Designer

Kelsey Petrich
Web Development